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Semiconductor wastewater treatment

      I. Wastewater treatment system: For a semiconductor plant, wastewater basically includes process wastewater, wastewater of pure water system, and wastewater of exhaust-gas scrub neutralizer.

      1. Process wastewater:

      Direct discharge - HF concentrated waste liquid, HF washing wastewater, acid/alkaline wastewater, and wafer grinding wastewater are directly discharged to the wastewater treatment plant via various pipelines. Recycling, outsourcing treatment after discharge collection or direct reuse.

      2. Wastewater of pure water system:

      Direct discharge - recycling of washing agent mixed water for pure water system regeneration (containing hydrochloric acid regeneration/washing liquid and alkali washing liquid) or alkaline renewable waste liquid.

      3. Wastewater of exhaust-gas scrubbing

      Direct discharge - wastewater of exhaust-gas scrubbing during the washing process is directly discharged to the treatment plant.


      The treatment procedures are described as bellow:

      1. HF concentrated waste liquid: After the waste liquid is discharged to the treatment system, add NaOH until the pH value rises to 8-10, and inject CaCl2. The Ca(OH)2 reacts with HF to generate CaF2 sludge, with the reaction formula being HF+CaCl2+Ca(OH)2←CaF2+HCl+H2O.

      Therefore, the concentration of fluorine ion can be reduced. Mix CaF2 sludge product with the wafer grinding waste liquid and add Polymer to increase the settleability, so as to facilitate the CaF2 sludge to be squeezed and filtered by the dewatering machine. The sludge cake shall be treated by the entrusted treatment unit. For another product - HCL acid gas, it shall be scrubbed in the treatment plant before emission, and the sludge filtrate is discharged to the regulating reservoir.

      2. General wastewater:

      The general wastewater includes HF washing wastewater and acid/alkaline wastewater. The regeneration waste liquid produced in the water system resin tower and wastewater of exhaust-gas scrubbing are evenly mixed in the regulating reservoir and are pumped into the regulating reservoir; then add NaOH, H2SO4 and other acid and alkali neutralization agents to adjust the pH value to 6.0-9.0 before discharging to the sewers of the park.

      3. Recycling unit:

      a. Recycling of organic waste liquid - separately collect IPA solvent, developing solution and concentrated sulfuric acid waste liquid, etc. and outsource treatment.

      b. Recycling of concentrated solution - The concentrated liquid produced by pure water system equipment is used for supplying the original system backwashing and renewable use, as well as supplementing a large amount of cooling water for scattering, so as to reduce the discharge while saving water consumption.

      c. Recycling water of pure water supply system - Currently, the pure water supply system can directly recycle 70% wastewater for the pure water production system; also, the process washing water, which accounts for 20% of the total, can be recycled for the cooling system and the sanitary system. Therefore, the recovery rate of pure water supply system reaches 90%.

      d. Alkali reclaim waste liquid - The alkali reclaim waste liquid of pure water system can be used to adjust the pH value of the wastewater treatment system, so as to reduce the usage of chemical agents.







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