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Hospital wastewater treatment

    Hospital sewage refers to the sewage discharged to the natural environment or urban pipeline by hospitals (general hospitals, professional hospitals and other types of hospital). The water quality varies with different hospital types, scales and locations. The amount of sewage discharged by each hospital bed each day is about 200-1000L. Hospital sewage mainly contains the following pollutants: causative agents (parasitic ovum, pathogenic bacteria, and viruses, etc.), organic matters, floating and suspended solids, and radioactive pollutants, etc. The total bacteria in untreated sewage is more than 10^8/mL.

    The treatment principle of hospital sewage is: categorizing and splitting sewage and treating them separately to eliminate pollutants at the pollution source. The main treatment methods are precipitation and disinfection. Liquid chlorine is commonly used as a disinfectant in China. However, in order to improve the disinfection efficiency and avoid secondary pollution, the ozonization method is often adopted for disinfection to meet the discharge standard. For sludges produced in the treatment process, adopt lime disinfection method and high temperature composting method for processing.


    Usually, the physicochemical and biochemical methods are adopted, including the following main processes:

    Flocculation precipitation (physicochemical) + hydrolytic acidification (biochemical) + advanced oxidation (biochemical) + disinfection ---> meet the discharge standard


    Flocculation precipitation (physicochemical) + hydrolytic acidification (biochemical) + MBR (biochemical) + disinfection ---> meet the discharge standard


    Physicochemical: it mainly deposits the harmful substances which cannot be decomposed by microorganisms. Add flocculent, coagulant and other chemicals in sewage to transfer the harmful substances to the sludge, and realize the treatment objectives by processing the sludge.


    Biochemical: it refers to the decomposition capability of microorganisms to organic matters in natural water found by human. It is concluded through analysis that under different environments, microorganisms can decompose different harmful substances. Generally, the microorganism is natured by anaerobic bacteria + aerobic bacteria, i.e. hydrolytic acidification and advanced oxidation.


    Hospital wastewater treatment

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