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    The CDS system of our company includes unloading, storage and distribution subsystems. It is mainly used in the photovoltaic, photoelectricity, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, chemical, electroplating, electronics, food, and many other industries, and has successful cases in these fields. Also, it has passed the German BImSchG certification. The main CDS process is shown in the figure below. Customers can choose fewer components without a safety tradeoff to cut costs. 



    1) Unloading station, used to unload chemicals transported by trucks. Liquid chemicals are fed to the relevant unloading stations through a dedicated pipeline. 

    图1)卸载站 图2)卸载泵组

    2) Of course, if the chemicals are transported by barrels rather than trucks, other unloading systems with the same level of safety can be adopted. We can design a professional and safe modular chemical barrel unloading system to meet your requirements. You just need to put the chemical barrels into the unloading cabinet as shown in Figure 3), and then the system will feed the chemicals to the storage tank automatically. 

    图4)储罐 图3)卸载柜

    2) As shown in Figure 4), our storage tanks are all double-layer type. This special structural design makes the tank extremely safe, so you don't need to worry about the safety of the tank within its design service life. The tanks are processed according to the European DVS standard. Besides the barrel, we can also add some safety configurations to the barrel according to your requirements, such as the built-in leakage alarm, radar liquid level monitoring, overflow alarm and anti-siphon system, etc. 

    33) Our chemical distribution system will start automatically when your equipment needs chemicals. Its modular design leaves enough space for future expansion. The unloading system features easy operation, high maintainability, and support of disassembly. The unique internal safety design of the system effectively guarantees the safety of operators. By using the proprietary pipeline technology, the system can operate properly even when any pipeline segment fails and it can be maintained by operators while being charged with liquid.


    Related project case: Dosing system of Guangxi Petrochemical of China Petroleum, etc. 





    Suzhou CPS Technology Co., Ltd. is a Sino-Dutch joint venture committed to provide one-stop industrial wastewater treatment solutions. With 38 years of experience of serving the European environmental protection industry, CPS has witnessed the widespread use of its industrial wastewater and waste gas treatment equipment in phosphorus chemical industry, metal surface treatment, mechanical processing, electronic chemicals, new materials and other industries. CPS outstands itself with sophisticated design concepts, manufacturing processes and proved product performance, and capitalizes on its wastewater/waste gas treatment practice in Europe to serve customers, thereby providing the most professional solutions to help customers achieve sustainable growth.

    We’ve established partnerships with Holland ECP, PROFILPLAST, HYDROTHANE and other companies, with the purpose of introducing advanced environmental protection technologies of European enterprises, showcasing environmental protection and cleaning technologies with widespread use outside China, and strengthening the international cooperation in environmental protection technology.


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